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pfSense on Azure - Part 1 - Create pfSense Virtual Machine

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Series overview


In another series, I will build an Azure Virtual Datacenter. Central in the Virtual Datacenter design are the firewalls that will inspect and filter all traffic that passes through the central hub.

We will use pfSense firewalls in this series. pfSense provides very reasonable priced, enterprise grade NVA’s. Check the Azure Marketplace for all information about pfSense and pricing. A community edition is also available, which can be downloaded for free. This version is community supported on For our study of networking in a Virtual Datacenter environment in Azure, the community edition will do fine.

Production environment

In a production environment it is highly recommended to make use of the Netgate pfSense Firewall/VPN/Router from the Azure Marketplace, or subscribe for Netgate pfSense support. More info about a support subscription can be found here:

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